Identify your breed…


Have you ever wondered what kind of breed you belong to? Knowing your exact breed gives you a lot more edge than others….this is relatively similar to your strengths and weakness but in a sales context. The question is “Do you know your breed” when it comes to a typical selling scenario and can you leverage on this to grow your business?

Knowing your breed is a lot more complex and interesting than we think…have you ever figured out why you find it difficult to open/ close a deal in a typical selling situation…why are you always missing the boat? A usual dilemma faced by many sales people… you say it’s due to lack of preparation or what? Well, let’s consult extensively to determine the rationale behind this effect…

From my own experience, sales have proved difficult due to negligence on the part of most sales people in understanding their personality and aligning it with their respective target audience.  Using the generic sales process:

  • Prospecting
  • Pre-approach
  • Approach
  • Qualification
  • Presentation
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Follow-up


Has always been a useful tool, but there’s a lot more than just adapting this process. Businesses today are more sales oriented and as a result are more interested in figures and not how you go about closing the deal…meaning to an extent they are not bothered about the processes undertaken, which in the short run have seen many sales representatives burning their fingers to achieve/close the sale.

How often have you related your selling abilities to basic activities that take place in your personal life….that is, from setting initial goals and ultimately achieving them within a set time-frame. The question is “Do we follow a defined process or we just do things in an unstructured manner”. If Yes how many of your goals have you achieved and if No how can you do it better. Following a defined process from experience has resulted in more “Wins than Losses”. The whole idea behind selling when viewed from a business context to our personal life’s is more centered around priotizing and performing activities the way it should be done.

It’s a lot more easier if we could only identify the kind of breed we are and integrate it into our selling philosophy which in many ways makes this approach very interesting …..Have you ever had thoughts of using this methodology in improving your selling skills? Think of this, you want to be a sales superstar, grow your business to an enviable state, grow your bottom-line, et al….then try this approach today and see if it works for you or not: By attending a world class sales training seminar coming up on the 24/25th May 2011 at the Pivot convention center, Monte casino four ways. Proudly put together by Phiblue Innovative Resource Management.

For more information as to this forth coming seminar please feel free to contact Michael or Kamashu on 011 021 5080.

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