Keep your sales funnel running…





Have you had thoughts of evaluating your sales approach? How often have big deals slipped off your terrain? Have you ever wondered why your sales funnel is always empty, which should not be…becoming brilliant at the basics is more than necessary to excel exceptionally in this area.

Being satisfied with your present sales result has a lot more to uncover, than just closing one sale and relaxing …Think of this, you have not made any sale in the past six months… and the next question you ask yourself is “Why is this happening ”……well, it could be due to different reasons … but most likely could be that you’re either not prospecting well , not following-up often and lastly not using the right closing techniques….re-apply these steps today and see if it works out with you.

Think of how a funnel works when likened to the sales funnel….”Often times we pour water into a funnel and it drains out through the bottom”….how often have you used this approach to measure your performance, by  placing more emphasis on the three step model highlighted. The question is, out of the fifty prospects you place at the top of your funnel, how many make it down to the bottom of the funnel? May-be two or even none out of fifty….why?

Have you thought of an improvement strategy yet? such as getting rid of  time wasters, segmenting your customer base and improving your prospecting power… you can have a lot more than you think and have your funnel always running by simply  attending a world class sales training workshop coming up on the 24/25th May 2011 at the Pivot convention center, Monte casino four ways. Proudly put together by Phiblue Innovative Resource Management.

For more information as to this forth coming workshop please feel free to contact Michael or Kamashu on 011 021 5080.

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