Mega-Credibility-High or Low?

How quick are you at opening and closing deals? Most especially with an entirely new customer considering the rigours involved in the sales process?  Well…maybe less than a week If your exceptionally good , more than three (3) months or might even take forever to close….which- ever one you subscribe to is acceptable in the interim, but why do

you think either of this three happened?

Have you ever related sales to a relationship issue? “Where the guy is put under so many pressure and several test just to get the girl” Did you keep up with the test or dropped out? Have you ever wondered why this process is always re-occurring? Was it intentional or un-intentional? You can ask that again and again ….  What are the possible objectives behind it…maybe, I would say it’s just to determine your level of credibility…. Another rationale behind that could be to ascertain how persistent and trustworthy you would be going forward… Would you still be around or be gone within a twinkle of an eye…A usual  question most customers probably ask themselves before getting involved in any form of sales discussion.

Ever thought of asking yourself these questions:

  • What kind of attitude do you possess when in a selling situation based on your past experiences?
  • Do you think your personality matches with that of the  customer and if not what plan do you have in place to arrest such situation?
  • What kind of relationship do you want to build with the customer?
  • How do you want the customer to perceive you and company?
  • Do you want more repeat business and referrals from the customer?
  • Do you think the customer trust you on every word you say?
  • What value or service do you really want to add/provide to the customer?
  • How long do you intend to service this customer?
  • Do you want the customer to be forever glued to your product/service?


How best can you can achieve these tasks without earning the trust of your customers…very little if I would say…… experience has shown that two out of every ten sales person tries to build credibility, which practically shows why others loose out on their sales? Little attention is given I presume… A general rule according to Brian Tracy highlights that, building Credibility is not alone sustainable to keep customers to your side… but building Mega Credibility says it all……..What’s your level of credibility with your customers? Is it below average, average or above average?  Do you want to remain at the same level with your customers or move to a more strategic/recognised position within the minds of your customer?

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