Tell me about your 5 year plan…




The question most candidates hope the recruiter will not ask … why is that though? Surely we all have goals that we working towards? I remember my first interview some years back, I was fresh out of school and the business owner asked me what my plans are … my response “Well, I’d like to study further and …” (I got interrupted) … “oh no” says the business owner … “If you plan to study further it means you will not stay with me” … me … “uhm, ok?”. I was dumbfounded, *note to self* …do not tell your potential employee that you have goals which include progressing in all aspects of your life J Yeah right…

So why do recruiters asks this question and how do you as the candidate respond? In my experience the question is used to assess and identify a positive forward thinking attitude and therefore your answer should reflect as such. Since businesses and the economy are constantly evolving, it’s hard to predict what the needs will be in five years and besides who stays in the same job for 5 years anyway right?!

The point is … have a plan! Companies want to hire individuals that know where they are going in life and have some type of plan in place to advance their professional and personal life and goals.

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” is an old saying that comes to mind, if a candidate does not have a plan in place or at least seem like they know what they are working for, this question could be a show stopper. So what is your plan? What is the next career move for you and more importantly, what do you need to do to get there?

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