Last week Salesdog training session.

The much talked about “Salesdog Training Seminar” put together by Phiblue and Enablis  at the Microsoft office in Bryanston Johannesburg, witnessed a host of participants mostly business owners coming in from various sectors. The event was free for all Enablis members and started off at about 8.30 am on Wednesday (22nd of June), with a welcoming address and registration of participants. The training session which was anchored by Walied Allie, the managing director of Phiblue, finally kicked off by 9.00 am with the theme “Active Listening”. This saw the delegates being involved in a 3mins active listening activity which went round all participants consecutively.

Next, Walied moved on to was the all awaited and most talked about topic “Salesdog Framework” participants were so eager and could not wait to hear about  this framework, each of the participants during the session was quick to identify his/her breed and its relations to the sales activities that take place within their business, not only that but they also learnt that they could relate this world class framework to other parties which could be their customers, employees and even within their personal life.  Participants were engaged in role plays, each participant made presentations to selected salesdog breed with comments being fielded from the panel as to their opening and alignment with the kind of breed they were selling to. One of the comments made while one of the participants presented to the “Poddles” was to begin his presentation to such breeds by citing success stories, testimonials and awards that have been received, which is typical to what the Poddles really want to hear going by their sophisticated approach to sales. I could not believe my eyes as I was impressed by the level of  presentation delivered by these participants seeing that the Salesdog framework was new to them.  There was so much excitement during and after this session as one of the participants could not hold herself but clearly stated that this was an EYE OPENER and that she would ensure that her husband and other collegues at work attend the next edition of the salesdog training.

The Sales Process was next on line.  This was very informative I must say, great insights on how to manage leads and taking them through the various management process from opportunity to account management and finally to support management. The participants were engaged in another 3mins active listening session where each talked about how they would go about this process while some, who attended the networking function the night before the seminar,  gave their experience as to the function in relation to the sales process.   A video clip on how  HONDA has managed its failures in the past was shown to the participants; this indeed had a great impact as everyone including I was thrilled by the revelations from senior HONDA employees on how many times they have failed yet were still  the No 1 in engine design today. This was really captivating and revealing, seeing a global company to have failed so many times and still having to be one of the heavyweights in the automobile industry.

Tips on social media networks which included videos on facebook, twitter and blogs and their relevance to growing businesses was also shown to the participants with a continuation billed for the next day. These were some of the comments from the participants at the end of the first day:


  • Thank you for providing this sales course to us, much appreciated. May we have more of these from time to time-Its empowering to dummy sales person.
  • Thank you so much, it was an eye opener on my side. The good thing about it is that you are able to implement what you have learnt.
  • Wonderful, definitely eye opening.
  • Interesting information.
  • Learned again a couple of new techniques and aspects about what “SALES” is all about.

The event again kicked off on Thursday (23rd of June), at about 9.00 am after a warm welcoming and registration of participants.  Our technical guru Patrick was on ground to touch on the important theme of “Social Media Strategy”  from creating a business page to monitoring and responding to what is been said about their business on social media such as Twitter . The participants including I got so excited when such tools like goggle analytics, SamePointMentionMap and many others showed us how we could monitor and see what people were saying about our business. This is amazing and out of this world one of the participants said. Linkedin was in popular demand by many of the participants considering the professional nature of the networking site and its usefulness to their business, they were taken through one after the other.One of the participants seeing all this, immediately went to her Facebook and Linkedin page to apply these new monitoring tools and information she gathered during the session. The technology assisted sales which is an intuitive system for managing the sales process from inception to close was also touched before the event was finally wrapped up by Walied Allie, with a recap of all topics discussed within the two day seminar. The excited participants, one after the other expressed their appreciation promising to utilize all they have learnt within the seminar in their various companies . The Phiblue team consisting of Walied, Michael and Patrick also thanked the participants for their time.

In general, I must say that the event was a great opportunity to meet like minded entrepreneurs with great ideas. The salesdog framework was highly an eye opener as all the participants including I could not stop talking about its applicability to our businesses.The event was a huge success going by comments fielded from participants.

These were some of the comments/feedbacks that came from the survey completed by the participants on the second day:

  • How to utilize Linkedin was of crucial importance particularly to my business.
  • The sales and social media was highly an eye opener and will be a value add to my business.
  • Very interesting techniques and valuable information i must say.
  • From now on I look forward to use the social media resources effectively to take my business to the next level.
  • May we have these workshops on an ongoing basis….Thank You.
  • Social monitoring tools- I found these to be of crucial importance.
  • A big thank you to Patrick and Michael for a highly informative session.
  • Great presentation.

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