Feedback from Software Week Cape Town!

I attended the software week at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and after adapting to the wind blowing me around (IN THE BUILDING), we settled into the conference.

The Monday session’s topic was about Community Focusing on Innovation and the Enterprise. The guest speaker was none other than Ed Yourdon, who specifically spoke about his book “Interviews with CIOs at Work”. Ed Yourdon, spoke about the importance of a CIO, the role CIO’s play and went into some findings about the various CIO interviews.

Ed Yourdon’s presentation was followed by Walied Allie, who’s topic was … “Why do we need CIO’s?” and in Walied’s opinion … we don’t … needless to say there was an interesting stirring in the room 🙂

Wednesday session was about job creation and women in IT. 2 very interesting topics for me. Brian Gubbins of EOH delivered an inspiring presentation on EOH’s plan assisting Government in tackling unemployment. It was refreshing to hear corporates citizens being actively involved and encouraging other corporates citizens to get their hands dirty as opposed to sitting back and criticizing President Zuma’s job creation plans.

And so we had a bit of girl power! The ladies took to the platform and spoke about the lack of women in IT, the role of women in IT, why we need more women in IT, spoke about the fact that women in IT mostly take on the “softer” roles as Business Analyst and Project Managers as opposed to the technical roles. Must admit … it felt more like the ladies were out there “begging” to be noticed in the industry by their male counterparts and to me that was a bit disempowering ….

I am sure you guys are interested to know a bit more … lets get talking!

Secondly, you now offer the teacher the opportunity to switch quickly and efficiently between applications via the ipad without having to dash to the front of the speech room to manipulate the programs on a laptop tied to a stationary location


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