21 Career Management Tips – Part 2

11. “Nothing good happens fast.” Don’t wait until you’re unemployed or unhappy with your current situation to look for a career plan. The best time to plan your career is right now, today.

12. Enjoy your career – Take a career which gives you pleasure. Never take up any career just for the sake of earning money or fame or just because you have a family history
of doctors or lawyers. Take a career which pays you for what you love doing.

13. Keep a record book – Try and maintain a weekly journal, write down your daily work and all the details that you think will be needed in future. This habit will surely help you maintain some strong records for your future reference. Keep record of your  accomplishments, so you’ll have them when it’s time to update your resume. The hardest part of writing a resume is remembering ancient history. I’m not saying take an hour a day to write in a book. I know time is valuable. But technology has made it possible that you can do almost anything on the go. Use your smartphone, smart pad, laptop etc.

14. Assess yourself – If you want to succeed in your career then you have to know what
your positives and negatives are so analyze yourself and then go ahead to improve your performance. While assessing yourself, you need to ensure that you’re ‘relevant’. This might seem silly, but too many people have become irrelevant. The world we all work in is changing and becoming more and more technological. If you aren’t contributing in this forum, you are becoming irrelevant. Be your own best and worst critic.

15. You can have an extra edge over others by having a good command over your speaking and writing skills. A good English class can benefit your career and your salary. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus near your desk, and keep business writing short—generally, the shorter the better. In business, time is precious, so design your communications

16. Know what you want to do – We all need to reflect on our career and determine that, if what we get up and do every day is really fulfilling and making us happy. You will spend a large percentage of your life at work, make sure you are happy.

17. Be a bit pushy – Always put extra yet smart efforts in your work as it will help you get
better results.

18. Maintain your personality – Avoid any multifaceted behavior, because you are being seen by many people, so always have a generous attitude towards all people. Don’t compromise on your self-esteem or self-respect. Be proud of who you are and stand up for
what is right. People will respect you for that, and respect is a powerful ally in business.

19. Be kind yet strong – You don’t have to show off your power to others instead show your
silence in a powerful manner, in other words avoid aggressive behavior.

20. Have a positive outlook in life – There are times when you have to face failure in life but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. You have to make decisions based on the resources you have and situation you are in. You cannot control the outcome of everything but surely you can do hard work to get the best results. Be positive and expect things to come your way but always be prepared for the unexpected.

21. And last, but certainly not least – If you’re not sure about your spelling and grammar; F7.

I honestly hope that these tips and pointers help you analyze yourself, where you are in your career, and helps you to decide whether or not a change is needed. If a career change is on the cards, make sure it’s part of your career management plan. Remember to be happy in what you do, and I hope all of your dreams are fulfilled!

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