January 6, 2011

PhiBlue is an entirely BEE compliant ICT company with a proven ability to deliver, that has resultedĀ in an impressive customer and partner profile. We specialise in providing IT managers the support services they need to run their teams effectively.

Our core focus of expertise include:

  • Business Architecture for ICT

  • Service Oriented Architecture and Systems Integration

  • Methods and Methodologies


    Phiblue started life in 1998 as Impress Software a subsidiary to Impress AG. Our first customer was SAPPI, who was implementing SAP as a remedy to the Y2K problem. SAPPI required a B2B application that would integrate to SAP and enable the customers of SAPPI to place online orders. This type of integration into SAP become our speciality, which we executed for Promot, BMW, DaimlerChrysler and others.

    In 2001, the dotCom bubble burst and our parent company gave us the option to close or perform a management buyout. We opted for the latter and rebranded the company to Phiblue. We then also extended out software integration capabilities to include Sonic ESB and IBM Websphere.

    In 2004, at the behest of our customers we started a recruited division which we called Phiblue Innovative Resource Management. This came about as a result of a number of factors in the ICT industry and the need for IT Managers to have a more effective way to hire the correct ICT skills. This division connected us with HR departments, Universities and graduates, and gave us good insights into the dynamics of high performance teams and highly intelligent people.

    As an ICT service provider we grappled with many of the same problems that IT departments have to deal with today and therefore developed extensive capabilities in Software Engineering practices such as Configuration Management, UML based software design, SDLC methodologies such RUP and SCRUM. All of these we mastered to create great efficacy in our teams and deliver high quality standards to our customers. However, one key problem still plagued us, the escalating costs of good quality software engineers, people who really understood the technologies that they worked with.

    In the many years that we have been employing graduates, we have not observed a marked increase in the calibre or quantity of ICT graduates in South Africa. In fact, we observed exactly the opposite. This has lead to the situation where we have IT graduates that do not have employment, which is bazzare, if you consider the severe shortage of ICT skills we have in our country. These factors and many others have lead us to create the Phiblue Software Academy, specifically for the purpose of closing the divide between an ICT graduate’s skills and an organisations ICT position’s skills requirements.




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