Phiblue Software Academy

April 7, 2013


We specialise in building the capability of staff and future employees to suit all your specialized software needs – Every IT team has a shortage of skills and is overworked. They don’t have the time or the capability to develop new team members. New employees have to spend time to learn the unique stack of each environment. We help address these needs with out customised programs.

We design a tailor-made course structure for your technology stack – We will design a curriculum that matches the technology stack of a particular customer. So we do not only deal with the specific programming language, but all related components, like the databases the operating systems and the user interface components. Furthermore, we educate candidates on the unique delivery and release management strategies of the customer that they are designated for.


We provide an adaptable environment for students to learn and develop at their own pace – Everyone learns via different preferences and everyone has different skills requirements. Some are more proficient on some skills than others. Therefore, we develop a personal learning plan for each member of a team that will allow them to progress at their own pace such that the team is able to achieve it’s capability objectives. We find that this approach allows most students to learn faster than the average rate.

We focus on the mastery of skills – We believe that people have a natural desire to master skills, so we let them. We do not work towards a 50% score, but rather to an ability to execute a particular skill. This ability must have been demonstrated to be attributed to an individual. The efficacy of execution of an ability determines level of mastery.

We provide an interactive learning environment, encouraging applied learning – For each of our customers we create a simulated environment that students can use to apply their learnings. This simulated environments are also used for demonstrations of skills and assessment of capabilities. We always endeavour to create as close to a real world environment as possible. We also provide various types of learning material to address each students needs, including books, videos, audio and experts.


You test-drive the talent making sure employees fit your team well – We provide the graduates on a 12 month contract that includes training and services delivery. At the end of the 12 month period the customer will be able to employ the candidates on a full time basis, if they so desire.

Productivity levels increases when the existing capabilities of staff are enhanced – By having new capabilities within the team the more senior people are able to extend the overall capabilities of the team. Also, making sure that candidates with relevant skills join the team automatically extends it’s capacity.

We provide customised curriculums so that candidates can hit-the-ground running – We construct our curriculums to address the holistic needs of our students. That includes, english language skills, critical thinking skills and presentation skills, inter alia. We also include technology courses for each of the technologies with in the stack, whether that be Java programming, Microsoft SQL databases or Linux operating systems, the curriculum will cover each of these to the required skill levels. What we start with is the skill requirements of a specific position and construct the curriculum to match that skill requirement perfectly.

CSI scorecard benefits are directly derived from utilising this program – Since our program results in job opportunities for un-employed graduates, customers are able to utilise the spend on this program for their CSI allocation on their BEE scorecards.


  • IT Strategy for Executives and Management
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • Introduction to Model Driven Development
  • Introduction to Software Design with UML
  • Software Development Training
  • ApplicationĀ Management Training


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